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Look no further. Pakistan's best known electric scooter is now up for grabs. Save on fuel cost while looking awesome! 😎

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A ride like no other

Built in Pakistan, for you!

Top Speed
35 km/h
Peak Motor Power
800 watts
10 inch Tubeless
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Home Charger
Charging Time
5 hours
Max Range
55 km
PKR 110,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ezBike Bolt cost?
An ezBike Bolt costs PKR 110,000.
What is the battery life?
The battery has a 3 year or 1000 cycle life, whichever comes first.
How much does it cost to charge one battery?
It takes 1 unit of electricty to charge a fully discharged battery.
Can I purchase a spare battery?
Yes you can. An extra battery costs PKR 40,000.
Are the bikes delivered across Pakistan?
Yes, we can deliver bikes anywhere in Pakistan. You will have to pay delivery charges as charged by our freight company.
What does after sales maintenance cover?
We offer replacement of parts, fixes and accidental repairs for minimal service fees. Replacement parts are charged at cost.
Does the bike need to be registered?
ezBike Bolt does not require any registeration.
Can I charge the battery at home?
Yes. The ezBike Bolt comes with a portable home charger that can be used to charge the bike anywhere.
Can I purchase the bike on installements?
We don't offer an installment plan at the moment.
Are any discounts available?
Bike prices are fixed.
Does ezBike offer after sales service?
After sales services are available in Islamabad. Unlike motorbikes, ezBike Bolt does not require regular maintenance. Our team is always available to support with bike related issues via video call.
How do I place an order?
You can place an order by clicking here.